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Thoughts and ramblings

There is something about this time of year, i dread it and it really does frighten me.  Yet i have learned somethings that seem to help
  Have You ever wondered what your inner brat looks like ?  For me i look in the mirror and there i am lol !  However there is a difference between being a good natured brat and a bad lil brat.  It is that difference that these things help me to over come.   This time of year more than usual draws me to where i am a bad lil brat.  i have had a revelation of sorts recently and although it is puzzling i will go with it because i feel i can grow that way.

i need what i call The Good Rules  These are rules that are in place to keep me safe and to help me grow.  The truth is that if i abide by these rules i am safe and i do grow.  If i break them ... i end up hurting myself and those i love and adore.
-  no hurting me ( Now i am a recovering bulimic and this time of year is stressful so...
                              i follow this rule or tend to slip off the wagon. )
-  no disrespecting anyOne over me.  ( The people that are over me are those that are
                                                                   trusted and loved and i know have my well-being
                                                                   at heart )
- no disrespecting myself  ( i tend to put myself down a lot.  It is a carry over from my past

                                                              if one does it too long they begin to believe it )
- get enough rest ( Now this could fall into the "no hurting me rule" however 

                                chose to keep it seperate because i tend to stay up and 

                                           "think"  That is cyclical and counter productive.  i just 
                                need to relax, unwind and rest )

Now it would be wonderful to say that i follow these all the time... to be honest i don't.  That is where the other half of my ramblings come from today.  i seem to need a strong authorotative Female to hold me accountible to keep these rules.  i am looking and have found a few that seem to fit but ... me is still an unspanked brat 

Have a great week and if one of those Females just happens to be reading ...

ummmmm WOW what is that ?? Up in the sky, is that a UFO ?  -hops into the brat mobile and zips away-

For those of you reading the Brat memoirs ... another chapter is coming soon

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LOL! Zooming away before you can get caught an answer for your deeds? *shakes head* You realize running will only make it worse! ;)

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