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The brat memoirs
This is a work of fiction and is a spanking based story.  "Most" of the spankings detailed here are non-conscenual -grinz mischieviously and squirms a little-    Now on with Part 1

  The cake was set on the table and being a brat I had crawled into the ventilation system and into the airshaft above the main hall of the League of Heroes.  It had 10 candles on it.  Ten ??!!  Could it actually be ten years  that "The Brat" had been a league member ?    Somedays it seemed like only yesterday, somedays it seemed like a thousand lifetimes ago.  I laid back and my mind drifted back over the years.  I chuckled silently as I remembered my first big case...

"You are my mentor ?"  I exclaimed as WonderWoman came forward and put the comm badge on my lapel.

"You have a problem with that ?"  She asked

"No Ma'am," I replied, " just a little surprised that a senior member as beautiful as You has volunteered to be my mentor."

"Good answer Brat," She replied with a smile.

  She walked me to my room in the dorm and then explained the rules.  Since my mother was a friend of Wonder Womans She'd not only volunteered to watch over me but also keep up my mothers very strict rules.  That meant that if I was caught breaking one of those rules, Wonder Woman had the right to spank me.  When She mentioned that part of the rules I blushed brightly.  Since I was in college, I'd have a curfew and my grades had to remain above a B+.  Now my grades would not be a problem as most subjects I could breeze through, but a curfew ?? Here in the League of Heroes ?  Oh well there were ways around everything.

Time passed quickly and I learned a lot.  There were rules to being a superhero  but being a brat made those rules kind of hard to uphold.  During that first month I maintained a low profile and there were no causes for Wonder Woman to discipline or even counsel me.  That was until BlackJane showed up.  BlackJane was a renegade BlackJack villaness.  She'd come into a bank and hold it up.  If a teller could beat Her at a single hand of black jack She'd leave quietly after giving the teller a kiss.  That kiss would always lead to the victim falling unconscious and then they would drift for days before waking up not remembering a thing.  If BlackJane won the hand, the teller would be shot and She would rob the place.  She had hit 36 banks in 33 days and robbed 32 of them.  I had a theory and a way to beat Her but I needed to get Her in a one on one game. 

Being The Brat it was easy for me to manipulate people outside of the league and I had an informant down a police headquarters.  They had spotted BlackJane on a CCTV system in a casino.  Of all things She was working as a dealer in the high stakes area.  I had to get in that area but my informant told me that the only time BlackJane showed up was after 2 in the morning ... after my curfew and then only for an hour or so.  I secretly made plans

The next night I feigned sleep as my dorm monitor checked on me.  As soon as She passed by I went to work.  I rigged her clock not to ring for her 3am or 5am checks and then went back to my room.  I deliberately left my comm badge under my pillow and packed my Brat Belt (tm).  I managed to evade the laser sensors and stole into the night.  I called for the brat mobile and as it drove on automatic i changed into my tux.  I arrived at the casino precisely at 2:15 and walked into the high stakes area like I owned it.  I sat down at the black jack table and pulled out a stack of 100 dollar bills.  They were real bills and I hated to think of what would happen if I lost but I played my part as a rich, single, Euopean and laid them out like they were candy.  To my surprise BlackJane tapped the dealer on the shoulder and without thinking he took his break.  My plan was working !!

I was a math whiz and so counting cards up to four decks was no problem for me and this was a two deck game.  This was going to be fun.  I was about to place my first bet when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  It was Wonder Woman in disguise !  I thought the game was up but She kissed my cheek and said in french, " Hello baby, I have been looking for you all over and here I find you playing this silly card game.  Well good luck,  mind if I watch ?"

What could I say ?  I also spoke french and replied, " Darling of course You can watch.  You know how these silly little games amuse me."  Wonder Woman was dressed in a white satin low cut evening gown that hugged Her like it was painted on.  I took a deep breath and smiled and I noticed that BlackJane was smiling at Wonder Woman as well.  My hormones went into overdrive and a very erotic fantasy about Wonder Woman me and BlackJane flashed into my mind but I quickly dismissed it as I needed to be alert and focused.  Wonder Womans gown was not helping me to focus but I tore my eyes away and smiled at BlackJane.

BlackJane smiled at Wonder Woman and then at me and replied also in french, " Sir, Madam, shall we proceed ?"

I nooded and we started,  My first bet was five Hundred and I lost.  In fact I lost the first dozen hands.  I lost on purpose, it was part of my plan.  On the thirteenth hand I was dealt two eights which I split.  The deck was in my favor and I was dealt a three on the first and and Ace on the second.  I doubled down on both and was rewarded with a jack on the first and another Ace on the second... twenty one and twenty not bad.  I won on both.  Wonder Woman kissed my cheek again as She clapped and whispered, " You are so going to get it when we get back if you do not capture her."  I laughed and said in french, " Darling of course the cards are with me, You are here."  The next eight hands in a row I won letting my winnings ride, and then it happened.  She had to shuffle.  She blew a kiss to me supposedly for luck and I saw the powder in her hand.  I immediately pushed Wonder Woman down and pushed BlackJane's hand back toward her face.  I blew the powder back in Her face, and like the snake she was, BlackJane immune to her own poison.   I grabbed her wrist, snapped the Bratcuffs (tm) on her and She was led to league headquarters.

I however, was not part of the interrogation team.  I was in my room awaiting Wonder Woman.  She walked in with a hair brush in Her hands.  It was going to be a long night.  Without any preamble, She took me by the wrist and pulled me across Her lap.  She pulled my underpants down and began immediately with hard stinging swats from Her hand.  
SMACKSMACKSMACKSMACKSMACK  "What did I tell You about curfew ?"

"OW ! PLease I will be good stop !"

SMACKSMACKSMACKSMACKSMACK  "Oh I promise you, you will be a very good little brat but a very well spanked brat when I am through with You.  You broke curfew, sabotaged your dorm monitors personal stuff, gambled with your money for college AND needlessly exposed yourself to mortal danger."  SMACKSMACKSMACKSMACK

For a full ten minutes She scolded me as Her hand laid rapid fire hard spanks on my bare bottom.  I was embarrassed and was becoming desperate.  I saw my chance and reached for a brat gas canister then decided against it.  A light suddenly went on in my mind.  I still had a lot to learn and Wonder Woman was right.  She felt the change and reached for the brush.  After full force swats from that hair brush I was crying and still She spanked.  Soon I was bawling like a baby and She slowed but did not stop.  "Naughty little brats are spanked like the naughty little boys they are and you have been very naughty," Wonder Woman scolded me.  WHACKWHACKWHACKWHACKWHACKWHACKWHACK the brush exploded on my bottom as She continued to scold.  I just sobbed.  

After 15 more minutes, She let me up and turned me to look at Her.  "Brat, I will never hesitate to spank you when you need it.  True you captured BlackJane.  However you broke every rule to do it.  I will not stand for that.  You are grounded until I say you are.  You will be able to watch BlackJane get her just punishment tomorrow in person, however  then you will return to your room.  I believe your dorm monitor also has a hairbrush with your name on which she is eager to try out.



Okay please give me Your comments and let me know what You all thought.  i  want tomake this a really enjoyable series of stories ......
by the way ... as you can see my nickname is brat ... so i know how spanking feel lol

Hope Y'all enjoyed

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Fun, fun! XD I always thought Wonder Woman would make for a great spanker! I had an ongoing fantasy of her spanking Deadshot *giggle* She used her lasso of truth on him to find out what he needed.

Man! That reminds me of Maxwell Lord with her snapping his neck in Mission's End, because he said under the lasso that he would not stop, and she asked him what it would take, and he said death... in MY imagination, she would ask him if he had the right punishment would he stop, and he would tell her only discipline that had ever made him hesitate in his actions was a good hard spanking *evil grin* Mmm.... Now I'm horny! XD

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