The brat Memoirs #2

For months after that initial spanking i played by the rules as hard as that was for me.  In fact i even went for a ride with batgirl on Her cycle three times ... seems she liked my cooking.  Wwe were out on the beach when our communicators went off.  Power had suddenly failed at the League of Heroes everyone was being recalled.  This was no drill and it made batgirl and i uneasy as we rode at top speed back to headquarters.

Upon arrival there was a battle going on between Wonder Woman and The Archer Sisters and Aqua Man and Top Shark.  The Archer Sisters were part of an Amozonian group of settlers who were trying to colonize earth.  Top Shark was an evil race of beings who had ruined their world by polluting it and now were trying to ruin earth.  i shouted to Batgirl to drive in between the battle areas as she could help Wonder Woman and i could help Aqua Man.  The battle was fierce and there had already been injuries.  i saw a group of some weird kind of eels attempting to sneak up on Aqua man from behind him and i ran to intercept.  Being an excellent swimmer i reached them in no time.  An Orca was struggling against the sheer force of them pulling him down and i dove in head first.  Pulling first one and then the other off and tying them in knots i was able to see that the leader was actually using some sort of electric bolts to stun and subdue the orca.  Pulling out a focusing rod from my brat belt(tm) i gained his attention and he fired a bolt at me.  The focusing rod soaked up the energy and fired it back at him.  The energy overload must have been terrific for he wrthed in the bluish glare of the discharge for a full minute.  The orca was released and together he and i battled the rest of the group until they fled from the area.    Aqua Man was finishing with Top Shark, he never even saw the eels.  He tied Top Shark up and asked the orca to guard him which he happily agreed to do.

Up above the situation was grim.  When Aqua Man and i broke the surface The Archer Sisters had Wonder Woman and Batgirl pinned down near the fuel cells for the headquarters firing arrow after arrow after arrow of pure energy at them.  One shot and the whole place would go up.  i had an idea and told Aqua Man to hide.  Boldly i walked onto the battlefield and called out to the Archer Sisters.  " Ladies please restrain Yoursleves."  One of them whirled around pointing an energy arrow at me.

"Puny earth male, what do you want and why should i not stomp you as an insect ?"

"All Wise and Beautiful Sisters," i replied.  "i request the honor and joy of service to You.  If you allow this insignificant and unworth male to capture the two criminals there is a way without You stooping to their brutish level.  Please oh Beautiful Ones allow me to do thy bidding and capture the criminals for You."

She smiled and let her guard down and then blew me a kiss.  i walked over to where Wonder Woman and Batgirl were pinned down and very softly said, "follow my lead."  i put the brat cuffs(tm) on both of them but did not close them and led them out.  As i was coming out i scolded them.  "Silly ladies, the Sisters are all powerful and wise and beautiful you are whale dung compared to them."  Now as soon as i mentioned whale dung, Aqua Man crept from his hiding place and threw a net over the two.  All four of us held the net down until the Sisters were subdued.  

The Archer Sisters and Top Shark were taken to interrogation as Batgirl and i help the wounded.  As a med tech i was busy for the next two days and when i could grab a few winks i fell into an uneasy sleep.  The work was exhausting and finally power was restored and other folks arrived to help and i was able to go back to my dorm for the night.  The next day i woke up, showered and met Batgirl in the observation room.   Top Shark was being sentenced.  Superman said, "Top Shark, having been found guilty do you have anything to say before your sentance is carried out ?"


Okay You the reader tell me how You want me to finish this ...what punishment should Top Shark and The Archer Sisters recieve ?

After i get Your ideas, i will write the end

have a great day and write soon.... brat   

Thoughts and ramblings

There is something about this time of year, i dread it and it really does frighten me.  Yet i have learned somethings that seem to help
  Have You ever wondered what your inner brat looks like ?  For me i look in the mirror and there i am lol !  However there is a difference between being a good natured brat and a bad lil brat.  It is that difference that these things help me to over come.   This time of year more than usual draws me to where i am a bad lil brat.  i have had a revelation of sorts recently and although it is puzzling i will go with it because i feel i can grow that way.

i need what i call The Good Rules  These are rules that are in place to keep me safe and to help me grow.  The truth is that if i abide by these rules i am safe and i do grow.  If i break them ... i end up hurting myself and those i love and adore.
-  no hurting me ( Now i am a recovering bulimic and this time of year is stressful so...
                              i follow this rule or tend to slip off the wagon. )
-  no disrespecting anyOne over me.  ( The people that are over me are those that are
                                                                   trusted and loved and i know have my well-being
                                                                   at heart )
- no disrespecting myself  ( i tend to put myself down a lot.  It is a carry over from my past

                                                              if one does it too long they begin to believe it )
- get enough rest ( Now this could fall into the "no hurting me rule" however 

                                chose to keep it seperate because i tend to stay up and 

                                           "think"  That is cyclical and counter productive.  i just 
                                need to relax, unwind and rest )

Now it would be wonderful to say that i follow these all the time... to be honest i don't.  That is where the other half of my ramblings come from today.  i seem to need a strong authorotative Female to hold me accountible to keep these rules.  i am looking and have found a few that seem to fit but ... me is still an unspanked brat 

Have a great week and if one of those Females just happens to be reading ...

ummmmm WOW what is that ?? Up in the sky, is that a UFO ?  -hops into the brat mobile and zips away-

For those of you reading the Brat memoirs ... another chapter is coming soon

The brat memoirs
This is a work of fiction and is a spanking based story.  "Most" of the spankings detailed here are non-conscenual -grinz mischieviously and squirms a little-    Now on with Part 1

  The cake was set on the table and being a brat I had crawled into the ventilation system and into the airshaft above the main hall of the League of Heroes.  It had 10 candles on it.  Ten ??!!  Could it actually be ten years  that "The Brat" had been a league member ?    Somedays it seemed like only yesterday, somedays it seemed like a thousand lifetimes ago.  I laid back and my mind drifted back over the years.  I chuckled silently as I remembered my first big case...

"You are my mentor ?"  I exclaimed as WonderWoman came forward and put the comm badge on my lapel.

"You have a problem with that ?"  She asked

"No Ma'am," I replied, " just a little surprised that a senior member as beautiful as You has volunteered to be my mentor."

"Good answer Brat," She replied with a smile.

  She walked me to my room in the dorm and then explained the rules.  Since my mother was a friend of Wonder Womans She'd not only volunteered to watch over me but also keep up my mothers very strict rules.  That meant that if I was caught breaking one of those rules, Wonder Woman had the right to spank me.  When She mentioned that part of the rules I blushed brightly.  Since I was in college, I'd have a curfew and my grades had to remain above a B+.  Now my grades would not be a problem as most subjects I could breeze through, but a curfew ?? Here in the League of Heroes ?  Oh well there were ways around everything.

Time passed quickly and I learned a lot.  There were rules to being a superhero  but being a brat made those rules kind of hard to uphold.  During that first month I maintained a low profile and there were no causes for Wonder Woman to discipline or even counsel me.  That was until BlackJane showed up.  BlackJane was a renegade BlackJack villaness.  She'd come into a bank and hold it up.  If a teller could beat Her at a single hand of black jack She'd leave quietly after giving the teller a kiss.  That kiss would always lead to the victim falling unconscious and then they would drift for days before waking up not remembering a thing.  If BlackJane won the hand, the teller would be shot and She would rob the place.  She had hit 36 banks in 33 days and robbed 32 of them.  I had a theory and a way to beat Her but I needed to get Her in a one on one game. 

Being The Brat it was easy for me to manipulate people outside of the league and I had an informant down a police headquarters.  They had spotted BlackJane on a CCTV system in a casino.  Of all things She was working as a dealer in the high stakes area.  I had to get in that area but my informant told me that the only time BlackJane showed up was after 2 in the morning ... after my curfew and then only for an hour or so.  I secretly made plans

The next night I feigned sleep as my dorm monitor checked on me.  As soon as She passed by I went to work.  I rigged her clock not to ring for her 3am or 5am checks and then went back to my room.  I deliberately left my comm badge under my pillow and packed my Brat Belt (tm).  I managed to evade the laser sensors and stole into the night.  I called for the brat mobile and as it drove on automatic i changed into my tux.  I arrived at the casino precisely at 2:15 and walked into the high stakes area like I owned it.  I sat down at the black jack table and pulled out a stack of 100 dollar bills.  They were real bills and I hated to think of what would happen if I lost but I played my part as a rich, single, Euopean and laid them out like they were candy.  To my surprise BlackJane tapped the dealer on the shoulder and without thinking he took his break.  My plan was working !!

I was a math whiz and so counting cards up to four decks was no problem for me and this was a two deck game.  This was going to be fun.  I was about to place my first bet when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  It was Wonder Woman in disguise !  I thought the game was up but She kissed my cheek and said in french, " Hello baby, I have been looking for you all over and here I find you playing this silly card game.  Well good luck,  mind if I watch ?"

What could I say ?  I also spoke french and replied, " Darling of course You can watch.  You know how these silly little games amuse me."  Wonder Woman was dressed in a white satin low cut evening gown that hugged Her like it was painted on.  I took a deep breath and smiled and I noticed that BlackJane was smiling at Wonder Woman as well.  My hormones went into overdrive and a very erotic fantasy about Wonder Woman me and BlackJane flashed into my mind but I quickly dismissed it as I needed to be alert and focused.  Wonder Womans gown was not helping me to focus but I tore my eyes away and smiled at BlackJane.

BlackJane smiled at Wonder Woman and then at me and replied also in french, " Sir, Madam, shall we proceed ?"

I nooded and we started,  My first bet was five Hundred and I lost.  In fact I lost the first dozen hands.  I lost on purpose, it was part of my plan.  On the thirteenth hand I was dealt two eights which I split.  The deck was in my favor and I was dealt a three on the first and and Ace on the second.  I doubled down on both and was rewarded with a jack on the first and another Ace on the second... twenty one and twenty not bad.  I won on both.  Wonder Woman kissed my cheek again as She clapped and whispered, " You are so going to get it when we get back if you do not capture her."  I laughed and said in french, " Darling of course the cards are with me, You are here."  The next eight hands in a row I won letting my winnings ride, and then it happened.  She had to shuffle.  She blew a kiss to me supposedly for luck and I saw the powder in her hand.  I immediately pushed Wonder Woman down and pushed BlackJane's hand back toward her face.  I blew the powder back in Her face, and like the snake she was, BlackJane immune to her own poison.   I grabbed her wrist, snapped the Bratcuffs (tm) on her and She was led to league headquarters.

I however, was not part of the interrogation team.  I was in my room awaiting Wonder Woman.  She walked in with a hair brush in Her hands.  It was going to be a long night.  Without any preamble, She took me by the wrist and pulled me across Her lap.  She pulled my underpants down and began immediately with hard stinging swats from Her hand.  
SMACKSMACKSMACKSMACKSMACK  "What did I tell You about curfew ?"

"OW ! PLease I will be good stop !"

SMACKSMACKSMACKSMACKSMACK  "Oh I promise you, you will be a very good little brat but a very well spanked brat when I am through with You.  You broke curfew, sabotaged your dorm monitors personal stuff, gambled with your money for college AND needlessly exposed yourself to mortal danger."  SMACKSMACKSMACKSMACK

For a full ten minutes She scolded me as Her hand laid rapid fire hard spanks on my bare bottom.  I was embarrassed and was becoming desperate.  I saw my chance and reached for a brat gas canister then decided against it.  A light suddenly went on in my mind.  I still had a lot to learn and Wonder Woman was right.  She felt the change and reached for the brush.  After full force swats from that hair brush I was crying and still She spanked.  Soon I was bawling like a baby and She slowed but did not stop.  "Naughty little brats are spanked like the naughty little boys they are and you have been very naughty," Wonder Woman scolded me.  WHACKWHACKWHACKWHACKWHACKWHACKWHACK the brush exploded on my bottom as She continued to scold.  I just sobbed.  

After 15 more minutes, She let me up and turned me to look at Her.  "Brat, I will never hesitate to spank you when you need it.  True you captured BlackJane.  However you broke every rule to do it.  I will not stand for that.  You are grounded until I say you are.  You will be able to watch BlackJane get her just punishment tomorrow in person, however  then you will return to your room.  I believe your dorm monitor also has a hairbrush with your name on which she is eager to try out.



Okay please give me Your comments and let me know what You all thought.  i  want tomake this a really enjoyable series of stories ......
by the way ... as you can see my nickname is brat ... so i know how spanking feel lol

Hope Y'all enjoyed

Memoirs of a Brat
The first installment of Memoirs of a Brat is ready and will be released tomorrow.  It is a story that is fictional but features  a super hero type ( brat ), heroines trying to reform him ( read into that spankings and other assorted delicious disciplines ), super villans both male and female and a super cool hide out

Needed Relationships
S M A C K Her jeweled crop slammed down on my ass hard
S M A C K S M A C K S M A C K SSS M A C K !!

Tears stung my eyes but i stayed perfectly still. i had not asked for this, i had not wanted this, this was not the way an anniversary should be celebrated. However, here i was getting disciplined by my wonderful Friend. Wwe had known each other for 5 years and this was Oour first meeting. She was tall and strong and i knew that this part of my discipline was going to be the shortest. She had caught me. Over the years She and i had talked about my cutting and burning and She had expressly said to stop. There was no wriggle room here according to Her and i had tried to see if in fact there was. Now i was here in Her home being disciplined like the naughty brat that i was.

50 Times Her jeweled crop flashed and 50 times it stung my bottom causeing me to whimper and pant and cry. She then sat the crop down and She sat on the edge of Her bed pulling me across Her lap. She started to scold me severely. "Bad little babies who play with and hurt themselves get spanked." Effortlessly She held me there across Her lap and spanked me hard. Her hands felt like paddles made from concrete as the spanking intensified. i was balling like a baby and She wasn't even half way through. Her words mixed with the white hot pain from my bottom and the humiliation of being naked across Her lap crying my eyes out made the macho shell i keep up crumble and the small little boy came flying to the surface. She felt the change and still kept spanking with only Her hand which never seemed to tire nor did She seem winded. She kept scolding and spanking me for the next 15 minutes.

The amazing thing is that this is not a work of fiction. This happened and interestingly enough after thinking about it i would give my right arm to be in a relationship lke that again. A stong authoritative Female who would not only be loving and playful, but also be that strict disciplinarian that i still need. For as long as i can remember i loved serving and being involved with and pleasing Women. my high schoolfantasies were not of being an astronaut or a fighter pilot or a sports hero. They were of being assigned as a house slave to an Amozonian house and taking care of the Women and of being disciplined by trhem as well. Being "kept" as thier little boy appealed to me and was rather an intoxicating fantasy. However as i grew, that macho shell grew as well until She made it crumble and i was free to be that boy again. Hopefully someday soon it will happen again.

A Story submitted for consideration
  She looked at him as he knelt naked before Her, his hands tied behind him, a leash around his neck.  She thought he was cute as he blushed as She gazed upon him.  But then She remembered Her place and said to Her slave trainer.  "That one looked into my eyes."  The slave trainer without a thought readied her dagger and pulled on the leash so that his face was one inch from the tip.

"Your will my Lady, left or right eye ?"

She looked at him once more, he was proud and a brat true but he was a good one and would make a fine warrior for Her.   She looked at Her slave trainer and shook Her head smiling.  The slave trainer laughed and savagely back handed the man - child before her.  "my Lady has spared your eyes lil' one.  However your backside is mine."  With that she hauled him by the leash up the steps to a chair just to the right and below Her.  she took him across her naked lap and began a very deliberate, harsh, severe spanking.  Rapid fire spanks landed hard upon his skin causing him to gasp and squeal in pain.  The pain deepened when the slave trainer took a flat oak  kitchen spatula and began spanking him with it.  his bottom was reddening fast and with his leash tied under the chair, the trainer's hand grasping the rope that held his and her leg across his he couldn't even squirm.  Reddish - purple splotches appeared on his bottom and still she spanked.  The trainer was not even winded when he broke. 

As the sobs increased to an audible level the Lady put Her hand on Her trainers shoulder signifying that the spanking was over.  However, his agony was far from over.  he was placed on a swing the seat of which was made of hay and as he sat it conformed to his bottom and made him scream.  he was forced onto the painful swing and held there by thick rope across his legs.  his hands were placed in his lap attached to his leash.  Unable to move his mind started to close in on him.  Suddenly his teachings came to him from out of nowhere it seemed.  he closed his eyes and centered himself.  his breathing slowed and his heart rate came back down.  The pain lessened and he relaxed and opened his eyes.

he had been captured and was a prisoner true but the lessons he had learned a long time ago held true anywhere he had been told.  Honesty, integrity, courtesy and respect ...those were the four pillars on which he'd begin his new life here.  Yes he was a brat and yes he'd be watched but he would prove himself to Her to be worthy and honorable.  he looked at the other slaves and then noticed that they were all women.  he looked at his captors and noticed the same thing.  he looked at the slave trainer and she smiled and said, "Yes lil' one you are the only other beside female here.  However do not get any ideas.  you have been chosen as a protector to both the Lady and all those that She calls Hers.  you are here to serve at Her will and if you bring dishonor or She tires of you, you will be executed."

he nodded and spoke so softly that the slave trainer had to lean in to try and understand what he was saying.  Softer yet he spoke drawing her even closer.  Like lightening his right hand lashed out and grabbed the dagger from her belt and cut the rope holding him on the swing he had been tied to as well as his hands.  he then threw the dagger aside and walked proudly before Her.  Stopping ten feet short of Her throne, he knelt and bowed his head.  "my Lady," he said.  " You have no need of ropes to hold or bind me.  my Lady, it is an honor to serve in whatever capacity You desire, and i will do so to the very best of my ability.  i will stay as long as You will have me."

Her eyes flashed alarm and Her bodyguard ringed him with spears at the ready.  She listened as he spoke and visibly relaxed.  She called the bodyguard back to Her side.  She replied, " You are a stranger and your ways are strange to Us.  As not female your every move is suspicious and yet you kneel and pledge service to Me and I accept but it is strange ."  he smiled as he listened.  he knew of service and honor and integrity.  Apparently, so did they in thier own way.  They could learn from each other.

Is this true service ?  That no matter what one keeps honor and integrity  and serves to the very best of thier ability ?  Is accepting discipline part of that ?  Yes, to me, it is.  What about You >


     The night was still as She walked through the door to my room.  "I see My little boy you did not clean up your room.  Now you and I have discussed this and I told you there would be no more chances.."  She reached out and took me by the ear and placed me in the corner.  "Until I call for you ... Stay There !"  With that She walked out of my room and down to the bathroom.  Truly i had enough time to clean my room, i was being a brat.  However, i did not expect Her to react this way.

     i heard Her come back into my room and sit on the bed.  "Alright," She said, " let's get this over with.  Get across My lap NOW you naughty little brat.  I am going to make sure you Never forget this lesson."  i did as She ordered and before i could even think about it She tugged my pj's down leaving me bare from the waist down.

     Now the above situation is a work of fiction.  How many of us though would be honest and say "i need a Woman like that."  raises my hand  i know i do and crave it from time to time and as a matter of fact, right now is one of those times.  There was a psychotherapist who wrote a book detailing what She called re-parenting therapy.  Her entire premise was that there are those in society who need strict yet loving reparenting.  Now i did not have the greatest of times as a child  growing up.  However i don't consider myself abnormal for needing a strict, loving authorative Female in my life who can spank and discipline for any reason She deems appropriate.  i don't consider myself abnormal for needing a strict, loving and authorative Female who can also play and have fun.  i don't even consider it abnormal to want to be reparented in this fashion.  What i do find abnormal is that there is a disturbing lack of caring people willing to do this.  

     Now i know it is not something that one finds in her or his local newspaper in the "Services Offered" pages an ad for reparenting by a strict yet nurturing, playful and loving Woman.  i'd love to find it there but sadly have not ... and yes i have looked.    Consider this however, you find this woman and She is strict and loving and nurturing.  One of the rules is that you do agree to give up all control of your life as long as you are under Her care, and agree to live under Her authority.   Would you do it ?  That is the tough aspect ... actually agreeing to give that control to another.   

  i know that there are those out there who read blogs that are Big Sisters, or Aunts or Mommies in this kind of arrangement.  Can You speak to this ?  What do You find rewarding and/or troubling about this ?  Now i am inpatient and scared but most of all frustrated.  i will write more on this later

So i had just gone to bed last night when the phone rang.  It was a text message  ... One of my lifestyle sisters had read my e-mail to Her and decided to text me.  In Her text message She stated that She wishes i was there because i'd be a naked brat, across Her lap getting a very well dserved spanking or three.   The problem is that although She is right, i am confused.  i wrote of feelings and what happens when they get out of control for me.  

Now the why my "brat" inside is out is that the One i want to serve has put a hold on things for a short time so that She can get things "right."  Get things right ??   -sighs-  So i acted out and ended up  hurting me and making some really close Sisters upset last night ( i am a recovering bulimic ).  i regret that i acted out and there is no excuse.  i am so frustrated with events.  Work is horrible right now, my personal life is horrible but the one bright spot ... my brothers and sisters (even if they do chew me out) are there for me. 

i called the lifestyle Sister that had texted and we talked for about an hour.  She stated that She was still upset but that having talked with me that She understood.  She did say that I should get right back on the wagon so to speak and if She did hear that i fell off any time soon She'd be most upset and that i'd regret it. So here i sit, back at work with a phony smile on my face waiting. ... . i hate waiting

Writer's Block: Prying Eyes
Have you ever read someone's private writings (journal, diary, email, letters, etc.) without their permission?
Yes i did.  back wheni was in college and found the diary of my Big Sister on Campus.  She had pretty much adopted me and we talked a lot.  She had also spanked me and promised that when needed She'd not hesitate to do so again.  i had picked Her back pack up from the gym as She was in practice ( She was a volleyball player ).  Anyway, Her diary was in the back pack and She caught me after i read all 150 pages. 

i knew it was wrong to do so and to be honest i don't know whay i did.  She was really upset and yes that was the second full spanking from Her that i got.  Truth be told, She had every right to do so and later that week i asked no begged to talk to Her again.  She did forgive me ... but i have never done so since.  Yes this lil brat can be taught


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